Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rose Quartz, Butterflies, Red Mountains

 Unusually warm for an October 22 afternoon, I went outside and was delighted to find butterflies enjoying blossoms on the butterfly bush. Three different kinds of butterflies and the wonderful orange and black monarch butterfly. Somehow the photos didn't quite turn out as they were fluttering their wings very rapidly enjoying the lilac colored blossoms. The nasturtiums have been cascading over the edge of the raised bed garden for months. There is a green tomato, the only one of the season hidden among the blossoms.
 The mountains are red and orange and yellow and lots of browns today. The tulip poplars have few leaves left on their branches. The yard is filled with thousands of leaves. Lady bug beetles are flying about today landing on my green shirt. The insects are busy as well. The wasps and bees start out the morning sluggish and by mid-day are buzzing around the flowers.
 A young tree stands amid the older ones. The compost and wood pile is the small red roof seen on the edge. The compost has been scattered among the plants. I saw lots of baby tomatoes at the base of the new lilac surrounded by lavender.
 A new necklace with the butterfly bush shadows across the white art paper. The fused glass is amazing. You can look and see layer after layer. Rose quartz, amethyst, and bloodstone are the gemstones around the glass. Something about a walk outside on a lovely fall day to make your muse come out to play.


  1. Oh there are some glorious images here, Carol - thank you so much for your autumnal sharings!