Monday, December 31, 2012

Ending of the Year

 We have had a light dusting of snow this past weekend. Kinda like sifting sugar on a cake the way the snow settles across the mountains. With the ending of the year, I tend to be reflective thinking about everything that happened this year.
One of the biggest adventures was becoming an partner in a new business venture: Artisans of the Gap. That business is now closed. I am bringing all my jewelry and glass art home to the studio. Changes will be coming this year for my art.
Two family changes were the birth of a new grandchild: Sparrow and the engagement of my daughter. There will be wedding planning going on this year. We celebrated the 90th birthday of my mother in law and honored the passing of my father in law here in the mountains. Lots of family came from all over the country to join in the Moore family events.
Each year at Christmas, the church decorates with poinsettias. This is one that has survived for three years and bloomed for us during Christmas. Amazing what surprises life brings about!
May you and yours have a wonder filled New Year!

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