Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jewelry on a Cloudy Day

 We're getting ready for our Holiday Open Studio at Artisans of the Gap. I finished this necklace on Tuesday and wore it all day yesterday. I find it is best to wear your jewelry, just in case any problems arise. Everything was fine. The fused glass is very dramatic. Carnelian and rhodonite were the gemstones I used to surround the glass.
It is one of those late fall foggy days. Where you wonder if the sun will actually come out from behind the clouds and shine for just a little bit.

I punched out and cut some copper snowflakes to create this winter plate. The white glass reminded me of the sky when snowflakes fall.  Even though it is December, we have had only one snow fall and that was enough to close school. It is so mild, the forysthia is blooming out the back door.

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