Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bird on a Limb

A friend asked me if I had ever made a cardinal pendant. I found a bird stamp which I cut out of the copper with scissors after punching. The limb I created out of copper foil. The glass is Bullseye 90 COE with some aventurine embedded in the glass.
Cardinals are coming daily to the bird feeders. The red of their feathers against the silver grey fog is so striking. When they fly off to settle in the branches, you can always find them. A pair of goldfinches come in the morning. I have noticed the gold of the male becoming more vivid. It is a real joy to watch the birds fly to the feeders from the woods.
Even though it is the early winter foggy cold dreary days, the studio keeps my soul singing. I am going to be making more birds this January. Getting ready to make some Valentine plates.

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