Monday, January 14, 2013


 When the hyacinth bulbs come out in the shops, I buy one package. Store them in the frig for six weeks in a sealed container. This does not let the gases of the fruits and vegetables come into the box. When the six weeks are over. I had marked it on the calendar. I place the bulbs into glass bulb vases. They tend to bloom faster in colored glass.
On Saturday, the first hyacinth showed signs of flowers. By Sunday, it was completely in bloom. The second one has one flower open. Six bulbs in six different stages of blooming. The house smells like spring!
Fog is thick this mountain morning as the temperatures have dropped. On days like today, I will make a pot of soup, cut up a pineapple, and make muffins. I enjoy creating in the kitchen as much as the studio.
Later on, I will be creating some new glass pieces to take to a local gallery.
How are you spending this winter's day?

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