Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It all started with Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine

 I have had a subscription to Cloth, Paper, Scissors for several years. Each issue, I look at it, read it and think that would be fun to try. The newest issue is the Bucket List Issue with 18 art techniques to cross off your list. The Valentines immediately caught my attention.

I read the article enjoying Joanne Sharpe's directions. I did not have the materials she had, but I had a few things. I had muslin I had dyed in the snow last year. I had some batting. I had some watercolors, but not the acrylic glaze. At first, I was timid about painting on the cloth. I just outlined a heart. I found the more watercolors I used, the more the colors merged together on the cloth. I used them without much water at all.
I made eight of these little Valentines, just enough to fill the cloth.
I put batting in between the muslin layers and sewed away. I sewed around the heart and around the edges.  I sewed some seed beads to one of them. The hardest part was finding a needle. The back of the heart looks  like an little quilted heart pillow.
Thank you to Joanne Sharpe for a Valentine craft to make on a day snow lays on the ground and it is very cold.


  1. These are so cute ... I love the idea of using wadding in mixed media art, too. They are also running a class in my local quilting shop soon where they use Tyvek (!) as a material to use in quilting, for decorative squares!!!

  2. These hearts make me smile Carol ~ like grandma goodies ... can't help but think they have all manner of treats tucked inside~!

  3. The hearts now have more machine stitching and some have seed beads sewn on them.
    They are filled with memories of the days when I made Valentine boxes and shared handmade Valentines in grade school.
    THank you both for your comments