Thursday, February 14, 2013

An E Book: Mountain Moments Seasons

How do you write an ebook? For several years, I have thought I really, really should try this.
A few people encouraged me and with some help. I am not the most technologically savvy person.
Callie Carling of was the person who encouraged me and actually
took the poems and made them into an ebook.
Write, write, and write letting the critic take a place outside the door. I actually wrote my
first poem when I was six. Mountain Moments began several years ago when I was describing
the mountains to a friend in New York City. I would write a poem about seasonal changes in the mountains.
With encouragement from my Artisan Sisters, I began to compile poems for an ebook. I had read Anne Lammot's book Bird by Bird many times. I came face to face with editing and editing and editing and editing. I suspect, you might find a little something along the way.
When will it be ready? I thought before the holidays. Yet, the book came when it was ready.
On Valentine's Day 2013, Mountain Moments Seasons is ready here on the blog. ~

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