Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flowers Blooming

 There is a quote by John Burroughs that called me outside today. "I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order." Right outside the door of the studio, there are crocuses blooming among the leaves. The leaves are breaking out of the ground and blossoms blooming. There is also a skunk smell outside the door and next to the car and truck. The first time since we have lived here to smell skunk.
 The tiny iris is blooming for the first time. There are several nearby. This was a wonderful surprise and I immediately felt better just looking at them. Aren't they amazing ?

 I purchased a package of snowdrop bulbs at Lowe's in the fall. All ten of the bulbs have broken ground and most of them are blooming. Right inside that flower is just a bit of green border. I planted another package of them two weeks ago, hope and faith are apt descriptions.
 I transplanted these from a previous garden. They are the first daffodils to bloom in the yard. The others are tall and stately. These like to bloom in community clumps. They also spread easily.
 A close up of the small daffodil among the iris and day lily leaves. This flower bed is right in front of the art house, one of the two outbuildings on the property.
Just how blue can a mountain sky be? This magnificent blue with the tulip poplars surging with sap. They outlines of the branches seem like fingers reaching up to the sky.  I certainly felt better after a nice walk outside today. ~

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