Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Inspire and Connect

Inspire and Connect

Callie,the playful genie muse,  is creating a wonderful sharing and connecting over at her blog:


She suggests that we answer three questions and post on our blogs and or share.
1.Two skills I am passionate about:
Making art and Writing
2.How can I share my passion to bring abundance and prosperity into my life?
Stretching out and finding galleries for my art including Etsy
Writing and writing and writing
3.What do you need to do right now to make this vision happen?
Make art and share with others

How will you answer these questions?

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  1. Hello dearest Carol

    Thank you for being the very first brave soul to join our Inspire & Connect Festival 2013!!!!!

    One thing I have learned over recent months is that so many people - even those unknown to us at this point - are delighted to help us achieve our dreams!

    Which is really the sole purpose of the Festival : opening up our visions, sharing our dreams and giving voice to the help from others than can really give us a sense of community to support to achieve these!!!

    Sooooooo, I'd love to know ...

    What help do you need which could perhaps be sourced from others in this huge diverse community (online)?

    e.g. are you open to developing collaborations?

    Do you seek support via social media to share your art?

    Do you seek art-gallery space?

    I invite you to dream HUGE and share the answers to no.3 in a wider sense :)

  2. Hallooo, dearest Carol

    I wanted to let you know that your wonderful sharings are now collated into an eBook to celebrate our Inspire & Connect Festival back in April 2013! http://createavity.com/2013/06/10/inspire/

    With blessings & gratitude, Playfull Genie x