Monday, May 13, 2013

A Robin's Nest and Critters in the Hosta ~
 We have locked the front door to keep from using the front door as a robin created her nest so close. This is the second nest for the robin as a critter got into the first one. I noticed she was gone and took the opportunity to take the photo. Won't be long before there are baby robins about. We have lots of baby mourning doves. I almost stepped on one yesterday. Silly old birds...
 While taking my daily stroll around the yard, I noticed a critter had been eating the hostas. Just before this, a nice fat rabbit went hopping into the woods. This is the first year the hostas have been eaten. My husband suspects deer, but I think rabbits. I used one tablespoon of garlic powder in a gallon of warm water. I also sprinkled hair around all the gardens. I got it from the person who cuts my hair who recommended it for deer and rabbits. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
 With all the rain we have had, the trees have really sprouted out. You can barely see the mountains in the background. We have noticed  between the branches, if you look, you can see the mountains.
 Lots of iris are in bloom. The neighbor's red rhododendron is just blooming. Large clusters of beautiful flowers, right across the road.
 This is a three year old hydrangea. It blooms before all the others with small clusters of flower heads. They are so heavy, I have cut the bush several times to make flower arrangements.

One of two foxgloves in a garden where Ray put the compost the first year we moved here.The garden is abundant with all sorts of flowers, herbs, and shrubs. Soon, we will add a new blue violet hydrangea on the edge, my mother's day present.

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