Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bird House Gratitude

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 When I can, I make my way up the mountain to Norton Elementary School. When I arrive, I take out the plastic visitor's pin on badge. This I received after I requested something more permanent that the usual pull off sticker sheet with Visitor on it. I have been volunteering as a artist, storyteller, and story sharer for several years especially in a kindergarten class. I volunteer in my very favorite of all kindergarten teacher's class.
 Imagine my surprise when I received this hand painted bird feeder from the class. It even had bird seed in the bird feeder. I shared just a few of the variety of birds that come feeding at my house after  being encouraged by the teacher.
Inside the bird house were handwritten notes from the kindergarten students. They also taught be the sign for I love you. They were very quick to tell me I was doing it wrong and making the sign for You Rock. I really enjoyed reading each and every note with an original drawing!
I feel so much thankfulness for this gift. Gratitude for a kindergarten class who sang me a song before I shared stories. Life is such so full. And the teacher is so amazing....


  1. What a glorious gift to receive, how thoughtful!!!!! I love that you have been taught the You Rock sign *hehe* x