Saturday, June 15, 2013

Art Glass and Garden Flowers ~
 A nine inch bowl that began with so many pieces of glass cut out, it looked like pick up sticks. The glass is iridescence green, blue and purple on one side and green aventurine on the other side. It reminds me of the potholders you weave across a metal frame adding one loop at a time. Do you remember making those?
 The dove was finished last Sunday afternoon. The blue glass looks like a summer sky with the dove flying peacefully. All the glass art is for sale.
 A mystery lily beginning to unfold. I bought some bulbs early in the spring and thought I was buying something else. It is really beautiful with the pink and yellow flower.
 Last year, an angel's trumpet, dactura, grew in this same spot. I planted one of the seeds as I cast seeds throughout the yard. Three plants are growing. This is the very first bloom, a little spent as the photograph was taken this afternoon in the heat of the day.
These are just some of the blossoms on the plants. I counted 14 on all the plants. Just imagine what they will look like in a week! We had an unexpected visitor today from the woods. A fairly large raccoon was walking past the compost. We were surprised to encounter each other. It made its way quickly back into the woods and I googled to find out that raccoons do come out during the day to eat. Last year I saw a baby raccoons about this same time. Never know what will happen here in the mountains.

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