Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mystery of the Mountain Garden ~
 Looks like a calla lily growing in my garden under the bottle tree and butterfly sculpture. The small leaf in the background is a miniature hosta, sweet little plants.
 The black eyed susans are blooming! After they bloom, I let the flowers go to seed. I will break off the flower head and cast seeds throughout the yard. One of the surprises of gardening, they come up in the most amazing places. There are quite a few of them near the mailbox.
 When I was a little girl many years ago, my father would drive us to the farm in Byhalia, Mississippi. Along the roads and in the fields would be these butterfly plants. I would pick them making bouquets for my mother and gramma. I have tried many times to grow these plants. I bought this one at an Asheville farmer's market three years ago.This morning when I went walking with my camera, the only butterfly bush  had a butterfly on it. The butterfly flew away and then came right back spread its wings and then flew away.
 I suspect that if I don't cover this blueberry bush, the birds will eat these almost ripe blueberries before we even have a chance to sample them.
 A white echinechea is blooming int the front of the house. The pink ones are just about ready to bloom in front of the greenhouse.
 Tiny little green tomatoes are hanging on the vine in both this plant in the raised bed garden and the tomato plant in a container on the deck. Won't be long before ripe, red, juicy tomatoes are here. The Tennessee tomatoes are already in our grocery stores.
Orange day lilies, hydrangea, and comfrey are growing right outside the back door. There are lots of insects out this time of year. I saw fireflies blinking a few nights ago. 

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