Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lilies ~
 This is the first of many lilies to provide a lot of color for the bottle tree garden. The lily is just as pink and red and scarlett as you see it here. The pollen is a radiant red orange, don't you think?
 This day lily has rounded petals on it. The lemon with the little bit of green reminds me of a flower that might be pictured in a faery tale.
 Double blooming ruffled petals on this rather large day lily one of the few lilies blooming in this garden. She tends to like the shade and is surrounded by bee balm and all sorts of plants encroaching from the woods.

One delphinium blooming in the garden. I had planted four of these in different places. This one started growing very quickly and the flowers just went straight up and into bloom. 

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  1. What beautiful flowers, Carol. I also like your new mountain background.