Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stroll Through the Mountain Garden

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 After all the rain, the sun came out. She is not playing hide and seek today. I thought I would share with you some of the flowers blooming and growing around the gardens. This lovely day lily came from the Southwest Virginia Museum's annual plant sale last year. There are two of these red double lilies in this garden and two mystery lilies which have not bloomed. I call them mystery because when you purchase the lilies you do not know what color they are.
 The echinchea is especially pink this year in the herb garden in front of the green house. I took out all the St. John's Wort early in the spring to transplant it near a butterfly bush and so many herbs flourished this year.
Black eyed susans are all over the yard. They are especially abundant next to the mailbox. After the blossoms fade, I will broadcast the seeds throughout the yard. The early fuzzy leaves help to identify the plant and keep the lawnmower at bay. These are growing amid Japanese anemone.
 Isn't this pretty? My sister calls it grandfather's beard. Do you know another name for it? I planted several of these and two are blooming. Maybe next year, there will be several more.
If you look closely, you can see a flying critter. I am not sure of the name of this, but is flies as fast as a hummingbird. Three of them were enjoying the nectar of the butterfly bush.
 These lilies were also from the Museum sale. They are a darker red orange than the road lily. It is called the road lily because it blooms all along the sides of the road. This garden bed has several different varieties of lilies as well as several mole holes. When next spring comes, I suspect the bulb population will be a lot less in this garden bed.
 Jasmine blooming next to a sculpture of a little girl. The jasmine is now three years old. I keep it inside where it actually blooms in the winter.
I found the bottle tree at Gardener's Supply. The butterfly sculpture moves just a bit. There are lilies just about ready to bloom in between the butterflies. I hope you enjoyed this stroll through my gardens on this sunny morning in July.

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