Thursday, July 18, 2013

Twilight before the Storm ~
 As I was writing on my new faery tale, I happened to look up into the sky. The intensity of the sunset really got my attention. I left the computer to capture the colors before they turned into the darkness of the night sky. I was surprised to find as I looked upward a sliver of the moon shinning down on me.

Neither of these photos have been retouched or altered. These are the colors of twilight in the mountains on Tuesday evening. Early Wednesday I left for Asheville to take a jewelry class at Beads and Beyond. This shop has been in business for thirty years! I created a pair of garnet cluster earrings twisting the silver wire across the beads. After the class with the help of the GPS,  I drove to visit my brother in law and his family. While there, the rain began to fall. Then the thunder and lightning began to show off. Doubting whether I would venture into the storm to find the perfect mother of the bride dress, I decided after awhile, go for it. I did by the way find the perfect dress for me at AdLib. Left and started the journey home. I have never seen rain or been in a rain storm like last night. Water was up to the rim of the wheel and over in Kingsport. In Johnson City, traffic had slowed from twenty to crawling. It was difficult to see the road. I did pull off and wait for awhile. Coming into Duffield, the power was out. The stop light was not working, but there were not many cars on the road. I arrived home as the clouds began to let go with sprinkles. Then, we got the storm. It is much better to be home than driving in a rainstorm. 

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