Monday, August 5, 2013

Art of the Brick and Garden Flowers ~
 Alamance Art Council has a wonderful exhibit called Art of the Brick.  We were there on opening day, August 3. If you enjoy Lego's, this will really give you so many sculptural ideas. The artist used glue to put them together. The exhibit is free.
 Away for a week and the flowers along the edge of the woods have grown taller than me. My granddaughter calls these poppers. The seeds once you touch them fly off in all directions.
 Five blossoms bloomed last night on the daktura plant. Looks as if several more will bloom tonight. I have been filling the humming bird feeder once a day since we returned. They were humming all over as I was taking the photos. Last night a female came up to me and hummed around for a bit. I think she was attracted to my red fused glass earrings.
 A few of the sunflowers left from the birds dropping the sunflower seeds. I learned this year that the black oiled sunflower seeds are very easy to grow. The five packages of other sunflowers are just not around. Thinking maybe the birds found them.
 The tomatoes are growing really rapidly. I picked four yesterday. They are in this small raised bed with the basil, nasturtiums, marigolds, and butterflies.
 The Japanese anemone are growing so tall. They were cascading onto the ground until I found a trellis for them. The best time to transplant these are in the spring. In a few weeks, this flower bed will be covered in pink blossoms.

Right outside the studio door are seven butterflies bushes. Even early this morning, there were several butterflies enjoying the nectar of the flowers.

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