Monday, August 12, 2013

Playing with Picassa ~
 What a difference a week and a lot of rain makes in the gardens. The cleome is growing as tall as me and spreading out with loads of seed pods. Thinking there will be lots more of these in the garden next year.
 Last fall, I clipped some impatiens to bring inside. Early in the spring, I began to make cuttings from the cutting. These are the result of the cuttings from a cutting with a little bit of pencil sketch enhancement from Picassa. The flowers are a soft pink nestled next to the lemon balm. Now that is an herb that pops up in the most unexpected places.
 It was spitting rain while I was taking photos this morning. The poppers are right next to the woods. This photo is simply the colors of the day. The lushness of the greens from all the rain is amazing. The rain barrel filled up after one night of rain...wondering if we are in the rain forest of the Appalachian mountains.
 These are daisies getting ready to bloom in the front yard. Nice to have some fall flowers and thanks to the half of half price garden sale at Lowes I will be putting in three asters with very large soft lilac flowers.

The fern growing amid the anonome which is blooming. The kiln is filled with glass slowly coming down in temperature. Once it is ready, I will take a photo of all the new pieces. 

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