Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Opening the Kiln ~
 After I opened the kiln for the second time after slumping two four inch glass plates, I decided to take photos of the back as well as the front of each of the two plates. The first plate is embedded with butterflies I had thought to turn into a necklace with earrings to match. Decided that they might look like butterflies in flight with the sky blue glass. This is the back side of the plate.
                        This is the front side of the plate. The butterflies really shimmer in the light.
 Plate two has dichroic glass turned different ways. The top of this plate is the reverse of the dichroic and you can see below the effect on the back side of the plate. The orange is from a piece of glass called a stringer. It is thinner than a pick up stick and lays nicely between the pieces of glass.
 This was a real surprise. There were 21 blossoms on the Daktura plant today. The moths must have had a great time last night.

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