Thursday, August 15, 2013

Charmsters Round Robin ~
 I am a member of a jewelry group called Charmsters. For the past three years, I have participated in a round robin charm swap. First you decide on your theme, then you create your necklace or bracelet adding your focal point, charm to the necklace. My necklace came home this week. I wanted to share with you all the incredible Nature necklace that arrived in my mailbox.
The first photo is of an envelope I created from some hand dyed cotton I bought at an art center in Amherst, Mass several years ago. Once I opened the box, I took out the envelope.
 Inside was a bag I created for the journal and the necklace. The bag is made out of muslin and lined with green cotton. Some old lace and a fused glass charm are on the front.
 I used a 7 Gyspies journal adding a bit of embellishment to the front and back. I also used the Paper Angel address stamp on the front. Inside the journal is the story of the necklace. I begin by sharing how I made the necklace and the charm. Then as a round robin, the necklace traveled from one artist to another artist until the necklace arrived home to me. The journal is filled with charm stories from each artist.
      Along the way, an artist added a box. I opened the box to find my Nature necklace.
 Susan created the nature journal which is a small handmade journal. See the photo following the necklace.
 Here is Nature adorned with charms from nine artists. There are even two teeth on the necklace. The small one is a deer's tooth created by Tracy. Linda added green sea glass and a tiny shell. Glenda added a stone and Nancy added a turquoise bead.
                    Just one of the pages in the nature journal, oh, I just love handmade books!

A close up of Carina's new skills using steel wire to wrap a tooth and an earring from New York. 
Not sure, but thinking Anne did the lovely bead work and the shell charm from Sannibel Island was created by Johanna. Julie created the round glass tile using a postage stamp of a bird from Tanzania. 
A very special thank you to each and everyone of the artists who filled Nature with their time and their art.

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