Monday, August 19, 2013

Touch of Fall in the Air and Three Charm Bracelets ~
 The Picassa pencil sketch is a lot of fun to use on photos. The Daktura or angel trumpet or jimson weed flower is about the size of a dinner plate. When they are bloom during the evening, the scent is like that of an expensive perfume. With it being a cloudy morning, this one was still in bloom.
 The bush and the wheelbarrow that withstands all the weather elements and continues to keep going over 15 years. The blossoms on the Daktura are five sided before they unfold. Reminds me of a sea shell...
 The edge of the raised bed garden is overflowing with nasturiums and marigolds. Both of these plants were grown from seeds from last year's flowers. The tomatoes are coming in. On Saturday, I picked 12, but two went to the compost as some creature got to them before I did.
 With a touch of fall in the air, the mums are beginning to open. There are so many buds on the plants this year. They will be pretty showey plants.
                                                        How to Make a Charm Bracelet

You will need some chain, jewelry tools, jump rings, clasp, and a charm. I found these chains and charms on clearance at Michaels.
First, put your jump ring on the charm using flat nose pliers. Leave the jump ring open to attach to the chain. Close the jump ring.
Add a jump ring to the end of the chain and a clasp. I used a magnetic clasp. Close the jump ring. Repeat.
You have  created a charm bracelet!

A little bit of glitz and glitter for these two pairs of earrings. I made a red and green pair of Christmas ornaments at the request of my granddaughter so she could wear them during the holidays.
I will be selling my art and lavender products at the Norton Farmer's Market tomorrow. Come by if you are the area!

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