Thursday, September 5, 2013

There's a Bit of a Chill in the Air ~
 The evenings are beginning to grow chilly. Early mornings find a dense layer of fog all over everything. After the sun begins to burn off the fog, the temperature begins to climb. I took advantage of the early morning coolness to share some photos of what's happening in the garden. I also have been playing around with some new techniques, new for me in Picassa.
 It started with my brother in law, Fred Moore who uses infrared techniques in his photos. In Picassa, there is an infrared process. So, I thought, give it a try. The two sunflowers both have been infrared enhanced.

 A dactura blossom and a seed pod. The seed pod would really make a nice pendant. The organic shape would really look nice in copper with enamels.
These black eyed susans are in front of the greenhouse. Doesn't the bowling ball look like the earth covered in clouds? Part of several bowling balls used as yard art.

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