Monday, September 16, 2013

Beauty Berries ~
 On Saturday, a friend and I drove to Asheville for the Botanical Gardens plant sale and to stroll the West Asheville Garden Tour. First stop was the plant sale, I purchased this beauty bush which has wonderful purple berries. It is a small shrub which grows out rather than up. Wonder what the birds will make of this beauty?
 When we first moved here five years ago, I planted these mums. There roots are well established. I have tried mums all over the yard, but these seem to be just the right mums at the right place.
 I am not exactly sure what these are, thought they were turtle flowers. They are in the faery garden near the edge of the woods where brambles try creeping into the gardens.
 The dactura has grown to the size of a large shrub this year covered in blossoms, buds, and seeds pods. I will be saving the seeds for planting.
 Cleome plants reaching around and about nestled in front of the green house. The outline you see is the sink in the greenhouse and the potting table filled with succulents. I am making little succulent gardens. This started when I began making cuttings so that everyone who came to our daughter's wedding went home with a plant.
 There is just something about the goldenrods this year in the mountains. They seem to be brighter, bolder and everywhere along the edge of the road. Only a few plants border our woods, I think I will do some research on these and try encouraging more to grow here.

Montauk daisies growing in the front yard garden. I discovered these at Lowes three years ago. I was able to purchase quite a few on clearance and it took two years for them to spread. They enjoy the chill in the air of crisp September and October mountain days and nights. We still have hummingbirds!

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