Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Seen Through the Lense of a New Camera ~
 The Nikon COOLPIX we purchased in Wells, Somerset England cord connecting it to the computer stopped working. My husband being a photographer had an extra old camera. He set it to point and shoot for me. It is a Canon EOS D30. I was really surprised at the difference between the two. These photos have not been edited in any way. The daisies are in full bloom in the yard. I snip them regularly to encourage more growth. It is working. We have lots of daisy bouquets throughout the house.
 A small pink carnation peeping out through leaves. There is her little bud. Hope it blooms before frost.
 Just a few lavender left on the bushes. I trimmed them back last week bringing in a nice bundle of flowers to dry. We have a dark closet downstairs where I hang the lavender.
 This time of year, I try with emphasis on TRY to repot the houseplants before I bring them into the house. This plant has bloomed all summer long and continues to create her red flowers. Kinda hard to believe they are real.
 The green house is filled with succulent gardens I have been creating. I am on a quest for bowls at thrift stores as there are few yard sales these days.
 The Japanese anomone is in full bloom all over the yard. She really likes the mountain soil. Here she is blooming among the lemon grass, which does taste like lemon. We still have hummingbirds and a few butterflies. While taking the photos an insect was pushing me out of its way. I left to come inside where I spent a bit of time in the studio creating with some tea dyed muslin. Will share photos later.

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