Monday, October 14, 2013

Colors of Purple in the Fall ~
 As if it happened overnight, the mountains are beginning to resemble a patchwork quilt. The little sassafrass tree in the yard bordering the woods has the most color in our yard. Tulip poplars seem to drop their brown leaves quickly. They fall like snowflakes covering the yard.
 A few butterflies visit the butterfly bushes. Last week I watched monarchs while they visited.
 There has not been a frost and the daytime weather is quite warm. It was no surprise to find this tiny wild violet blooming. A neighbor's forsythia is in bloom. All the bright yellows tumbling down the flowering stems.
 Foxgloves are blooming right next to the green house. The first one is a very soft purple.
 The second one is a richer more vibrant color. Is it red violet? What color would you call this?
 While gathering supplies for potting up the plants before I bring them into the house, we found these violas or johnny jump ups for 50% off at Lowes. Last year one of the critters nibbled the heads off of several flats of pansies. I am being more careful this year and will keep them in pots on the upper deck.
The sky is such a beautiful bright blue today. There are many gaps in the trees. More will come as the trees drop all their leaves. You can just see a snippet of color. Wonderful leaf peeping time!

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