Sunday, October 27, 2013

After a heavy frost and snow, glass shines on a sunny day. ~
 It happened earlier in the week, a heavy frost and a slight spitting of snow. The bird bath water froze and the plants withered with the cold. This afternoon, the sun is shinning as well as the temperature is rising. Just a great day to walk around the garden to see what has happened. First, I took several photos of my art glass plates in the sunshine. The sun seems to just flow through the glass making the most fantastic shadows!
 These beauties are about seven feet tall growing among the butterfly bushes. Their petals look a bit weary after the frost, but they are still setting buds.
 The sage is covered in tulip poplar leaves. The tall straight trees loose their leaves early. They turn yellow brown and twirl to the ground. When a hard wind comes, they dance every which a way.
 The forsythia began as a small stick of a bush. It is covered in yellow flowers and the frost has bitten hard into the leaves. Wait until spring for this little bush to be completely covered in yellow.
 This stinging critter kept me from doing gardening. They are all over the nasturtiums which looks more like wilted celery than her former glorious spreading all over the back garden self. After trying to take the plants to the compost, I gave into the insect leaving it to enjoy the blossoms.
                                A ladybug which might have been  frozen to the sunflower seed pod.
 Hydrangeas really do not take to the frost very well at all. Their leaves just droop all over the paper blossoms. The green leaves belong to other plants.
 Picassa has a feature called invert colors. This is the first time I have ventured into inversion.  These are violets with tulip poplar leaves on the front porch.
 Pansies are the most colorful of any flower in the yard these fall days. A few pots of purple johnny jump ups are in the front of the house which is a bit sheltered from the frost.
 Colors of the trees are changing. The reds and bright oranges are peaking right now. Seems a bit late, but nature has her own way to deciding how things will go. These are trees in the back yard. With the tulip poplars loosing their leaves, the mountains are more easily seen.

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