Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Preparing for the Holidays

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 It seems that after Halloween, everything turns to the holidays. Sometimes I refer to them as the Holidaze. Being an artist, I have been pondering do I do local shows? Shall I have an open studio in December. It all takes preparation.
After committing to a local show and a Open Studio in December, the time has come to share with you all the ornament for 2013. Hope is copper bird fused between layers of Bullseye glass. Each of the 18 ornaments will be signed, dated, and numbered. They will also be on a tag with the poem by Emily Dickinson written on the tag. Hope is the mist of change and life. Hope for all that is and yet to be...
"Hope is the thing with feathers..."
                      Little Christmas trees are decorated and seem to just take you by surprise.
 Six little trees on an art glass plate....
                          A copper bird sits on a copper branch as the winter sky lights with stars.
         Snowflakes have come and gone here in the mountains. More to come as the temperatures change...                                                                 These snowflakes will never melt!

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  1. Oh Carol, these are beautiful! Where we can find out how to purchase the Limited Edition Dove christmas ornaments and the blue bird / sparkly sky glass?