Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday melted crayon ornaments

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It has been an interesting time in the studio creating these melted crayon ornaments. After five tries, I have finally decided the best way to get the crayons into the glass balls. Some of the ways that were not so useful include a potato peeler, a grater, and a pencil/crayon sharpener to shave the crayons.
I will be teaching a class at Norton Parks and Recreation Center on December 5 and December 19 on melted crayon ornaments. The class on December 5 is filled and there are actually some folks in the December 19 class. The cost is $10 to make two ornaments with all materials provided. Bring your own hair dryer if you are interested in attending.
 I thought, well, use the heat gun, it's just a bit hotter than an hair dryer. By the way, it does a great job at melting the crayons very quickly. I also learned to wear my glass gloves when I did this to keep from burning my hands. Unless you are a glass artist, do not use a heat gun to melt your crayons.
 It takes about 2 1/2 shaved crayons to fill an ornament. It is a good idea to know a bit about color before you blend your crayons. I learned after using about 8 different blues and greens that they all blend nicely to make a deep blue.I did not include the blue photo with this group.
                               Here is the hair dryer glass ornament and the crayons blend nicely.
Take a bit of silver, green, white,pink glitter crayon, red, purple, blue, and blend them together with the heat gun to create this ornament. Someone told me it looked like outer space. They are really amazing ornaments.

If you are interested in creating an ornament, contact Shelly at 276-679-0754 or leave a comment on the blog post.


  1. These look like such fun to make! I wish I lived near to you, I'd be there like a shot!!!

  2. And we could have so much fun creating in the studio!