Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dragonfly plates

 The kiln has cooled completely. The time has come to open the kiln to see how the three dragonfly plates turned out.
 Opening the kiln, I find three blue dragonfly plates on their slumping molds. They are fully fused. I take them off the molds. The molds are on posts so that they do not touch the base of the kiln.
 For each plate, I used blue glass on the base. This plate has confetti and stringer glass as the top layer. The dragonflies are from copper foil. The plate is sitting on top of  where I cut glass. Those small tiny colors are actually little pieces of glass in each square.
 This glass is a blue with a dark green as the base and clear glass on top. It is the smallest of the three plates and will go back into the kiln to be polished due to some edges being a bit sharp.
The blue glass is the such a nice blue blue. The top is confetti with stringers of glass in blue and purple. I wanted to create a glass plate for a friend who successfully finished her chemo and radiation treatments.

One summer evening several years ago, dragonflies swarmed in our backyard. We had no creek or water source at the house. Yet they came, hundreds of dragonflies right into Big Stone Gap. It was magical. Ever since that dragonfly event, I began to understand the symbolism for this ancient creature. The dragonfly's structure has remained unchanged for 300 million years. Amazing... ~

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