Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rainbows on the Wall

It all started with the movie Pollyanna when she hung the crystal prisms to make rainbows. My parents had a furniture store and they didn't take too kindly to me taking off the crystals from the lamps. I did find my own prisms in various places. As an elementary teacher, they were always in the windows of the classroom.
This morning, while in the studio I looked up at a necklace and earrings and wondered why has that one not found a home? I put down a white paper background and there was a rainbow!
 It is cold in the mountains today: 23 degrees and temperature slowly rising. The sun is shinning so brightly. Here is a photo of a magnificent rainbow maker. It is an Egyptian crystal I found at a bead store in Asheville, North Carolina. I used silver plated 22 gauge artistic wire to string the crystal and the beads.  The end is simply large seed beads I turned into a hanger.
 Two rainbows on the tile kitchen floor from the rainbow maker. There are two of them in the kitchen window.
 Little bitty rainbows on the wooden cabinets made from the rainbow maker which also creates rainbows on the floor, walls, and all across the house.
 From red to violet, the rainbow across the velvet couch cushion. They are dancing all over the house. During the cold days of winter, hope you can create a few rainbow makers of your own! ~

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