Friday, January 3, 2014

Art Glass on a Snowy Day ~
 It snowed with a bit of ice yesterday. Just the kind of day to create glass in the studio and I had some new glass milliflori to try out a few ideas. The fish will be earrings with sterling silver findings. Lately, I have been making at least three earring sized pieces as they are always different in size.
 These are black butterflies with red on their wings, just enough red to really pop the black.
 A lot of agencies were closed today due to the snow. There is a layer of ice under the snow. It sparkles like glitter when the sun shines on the snow.
 The downy woodpecker didn't stop eating the suet as I stood in the kitchen taking the photo through the glass doors. Due to the squirrels enjoying the suet, Ray created a wire box which seems to keep them away.
A view of the back yard with a dusting of snow, it is so quiet and peaceful. 

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