Monday, January 6, 2014

Shrinky Dink Jewelry and Polka Dots ~
 I discovered shrinky dink plastic several years ago when I was involved in a charm online group where we swapped charms. I googled and read everything I could find before I attempted to make anything. Back then, there were no as many you tube videos available. I bought the shrinky dinks at Michaels. Then I started my very first charm. I learned a lot over the years. Preheat your oven to the temperature on the package. I have used brown paper bags as well as computer paper and parchment paper to cover my cookie sheet.
 Paper punches give you a very nice shape every time. I can't cut a straight line even when I measure and use the paper cutter. Punch a hole in your shrink plastic if you want to make jewelry. Use a regular size hole punch. For the Valentines, I used rubber stamps with stazon ink, colored pencils, sharpies, gel pens, and  glitter markers.
 This pendant was made about three years ago without a paper punch. I simply cut out the rectangle punching two holes in it. I used sharpies and glitter markers over a rubber stamp image. Sometimes, I rubber stamp an image on white paper, then trace over the image with a sharpie or a colored pencil adding in other colors. You can also use chalk to get a very nice soft background color.
 This is a sheet of frosted shrinky dink as it comes in the package. After you create your design, place your art on a cookie sheet or pan covered with paper. When the shrinky dink begins to move and almost turn in on itself, simply watch. When it flattens out, yes, it will, I usually count to 30 and then take out the cookie sheet. I press the shrinky dinks immediately with the rest of the brown paper bag to flatten them out. Sometimes they seem to have a mind of their own.
I will be teaching a class for the City of Norton Parks and Recreation on Wednesday, January 29 at 5:30p.m. on shrinky dink jewelry. Cost will be $10 per person with all supplies provided.
 This book is a great resource if you like to plan with shrink plastic.  It is easy to read and she has some fantastically creative and stylish jewelry in her book. After reading and creating with her book, Fa, la, la, Felt, I knew Kathy Sheldon would make you want to do more with shrinky dink. Thank you, Kathy Sheldon.                                                     
A new piece of glass fresh from the kiln with lots of polka dots, what do you think, shall I make it into a little bowl or leave it flat? More polka dots to come....

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