Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow and Polka Dots ~
 It started with one small plate. I had shared the plate on my facebook page I was so surprised at all the comments I received. I added more colors to the plates and decided to make different sizes. This is a two inch plate/bowl.
                                                           This plate is 3 3/4 inches square.
                      This plate is five inches square.
 While I was cutting glass and playing with the glass dots, I decided to make some jewelry. The earrings will have sterling silver ear wires. The hair jewelry has the same polka dots just a variation from the earrings. Next, there will be some blues and greens on earrings and pendants.
 It has been snowing here. This is today's soft dusting of snow. The wine stopper has a blue dichroic glass.
 There are times when I will use pieces of glass lying on the cutting board. Some of this and some of that which is how this pendant was created. There is a tiny piece of copper on this pendant.

New dichroic glass which is very sparkly. A bit of snow lays on the bottom of the white piece of watercolor paper which turned blue. It is pretty cold out there today.
Three plates nestled together on a snowy day in January.

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