Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snowdrops ~

 I discovered snowdrops when I came to the mountains many years ago. A neighbor has them growing down the bank of her home. Hers are just now breaking ground showing their leaves. I saw these under all the snow we had last week. It is hard to wait when you know there are flowers blooming in your yard.
 If ever there is a faery flower, snow drops are definitely a fae delight. They are so very tiny, delicate with their green lace cap, but hardy like their flower cousins the crocus.
 The many critters that live under our mountain home including moles, voles, and others do not like the snowdrop bulbs. The snowdrop in front has just barely broken through the ground. The other is showing her white bud.
 These two are next to a mound created by one of our burrowing critters. They burrowed up half a flat of pansies earlier in the winter.
                        I thought I'd show you just how tiny the snowdrop is by holding it between my fingers.

Just a bit down the mountain, I noticed the daffodils are coming up. Can you see the bud? According to                                     Shelly or was it Keats, "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

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