Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rabbit Damage ~
 What does a bottle of Texas Pete Hot Sauce have to do with rabbits? Well, here's the story told from my perspective as a gardener. I noticed that day lilies had been nibbled on.
 Last year it was the hosta. I did an Internet search and found out it was rabbit damage. Though none of the sites I explored showed photos of the damage, I thought, I will take pictures. Then the rain came and the snow. Today after the snow melted I went down the hillside to the two areas the rabbits have been eating.
I decided to take action when they started on the iris. These are old fashioned iris dug from the mountains of Lee County. Not something that I am going to take lightly.
 This shows a bit more rabbit damage up close. Rabbits have been seen in this part of the yard as long as we have lived here. Here's the recipe for rabbit repellent. Take one tablespoon of hot Pete sauce or your sauce of choice and mix it into one gallon of warm almost hot water. I then filled a spray bottle with the repellent. It rained up a storm that night with the wind whippety tucking in the hollows. Rained all day Saturday followed by snow and today the sun has come out. I will be out early evening with the rabbit spray.
 Moss is growing all over the yard. It is always interesting to me to see how it changes over the seasons.
 The rain has brought out all the wild violets. They are in the back of the house not the front. As with violets, they spread everywhere filling up every nook and cranny.
Each year, I plant hundreds of daffodils all over the yard. Along the front of the house, I planted these four years ago. This week, they will all be in bloom. Just in time for the Open Studio on Saturday.

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