Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cards for the Farmer's Market ~
 Yesterday the kindergarten children made cards while I supervised. Handing them pencils, crayons and reminding them to write something on the inside. The class decided they wanted to use colored pencils. They also used crayons.
 They wrote on the inside I love you or Happy Mother's Day or a combination of the two. This is a very diverse class of children from the color of their skin to their cognitive abilities. Several have learning problems. The handmade paper with marigold seeds was either cut in the free form shape of a heart or I used a paper puncher. The puncher can be tricky with handmade paper.
                              The children and I did this during their morning group time. I had art!
 They did the art themselves. There is something about flowers and hearts that once an art material
comes into the hand of a child, they seem to understand a flower and a heart.

On the back of each card, they made hearts. The cards are for sale at Norton Elementary School to raise money for the school. The sale is Friday from 10-2.

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