Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Iris, Poppies, and Solomon's Seal in the Garden ~
 It has been five years since we first moved to our mountain home. There was only one lilac bush in the yard at the time. A friend gave me some iris. The next year she gave me more iris and so it has continued. I never know what colors they will be. I simply accept the iris and make a space in the iris garden around the very first lilac bush.
 This was a surprise to find the lush deep dark purple iris among the light purple ones. There are a half dozen of these that are blooming now. Why is it so hard to cut an iris?
 This two tone iris found a home in another flower bed at the top of the property in the very first flower
bed I created. It is surrounded by daffodils, day lilies, and a peony about ready to bloom.

 This Siberian iris was transplanted from our garden in town. They were growing around a sculpture in the side yard. I have planted them in several gardens to see how well they do. Apparently, they like every place they have been planted even at the edge of the woods.
 This time of year, I always venture to the clearance section of the plants. I found two poppies last week at our local Walmart. Doing a little research, I found that poppies like to be near iris. In the latest edition of the magazine Garden Gate, I read that plants do better when transplanted between 4 and 7 in the evening. I prepared the transplanting by watering both the area and the plant. Then I dug a nice size hole to cover the roots and adding a bit more for them to grow, I planted the two poppies.
 They have set buds everyday since transplanting as well as blooming. Was a bit surprised to see the red poppy on the yellow flower.
 An iris planted in the faery garden near the woods which had been nibbled by critters. This iris came from a garden in Lee County. It was an iris that the gardener had said belonged to her grandmother.
                        Another grouping of Siberian iris in front of the art house in the back yard.
 Foxgloves beginning to bloom in the herb bed in front of the green house. It was quite warm in their this morning over 100.

 Rhododendrons are  in bloom in the neighbor's yard across the road. They are a brilliant color of red.
                                                         May apples are blooming in the woods.
 Some critter has eaten all the leaves from the Solomon's Seal leaving the flowers dangling. The bees seem to enjoy the flowers.
A Solomon Seal plant with its long green leaves hiding the bell shaped flowers. These grow all along the property, just like the may apples and ferns.


  1. Oh Carol, your collection of iris blooms are SO beautiful!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing with us x

  2. All so beautiful, Carol. Your background of the mountains is magnificent!