Thursday, October 23, 2014

Autumn Foliage and Flowers ~
 There is nothing quite as majestic as the colors of autumn. The richness of the red leaf maple which has grown since being planted on mother's day three years ago. Black eyed susans surround the maple during the summer.
 Next to the woods, there are sassafras trees and many more tulip poplar. This is where the deer saunter into our yard. Have not seen the twins lately, but then they are adolescents.
 At the base of our yard, you look beyond the trees to see the mountains which are the colors of a patch work quilt these days.
 A few black eyed susans near the green house continue to bloom holding onto the heat.
 This Japanese anemone is one of hundreds that feel completely at home here from early spring to the deepest frost. Even when they are separated and divided they multiply. If you want any, please come in the spring and I will be glad to dig some up for you.
 While at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham last week, we identified this plant as an aster. It is well over six feet tall with clusters of purple flowers. It keeps the few bees and butterflies happy.

                                         Focusing upon the tree in the yard in the this photo
                                                  and the hydrangea in this photo.
                                         A close up to see the amazing colors of this flower.
The joy of the mountains on an October day.

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