Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Jewelry and A Favorite

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 Several years ago, I created the focal point for this necklace by fusing two already fused pieces together. They sat for the longest time in the glass bowl waiting. One day I thought why not use gemstones with glass. Looking at the art glass, I thought of the gemstones in the studio.
 Rose quartz, amethyst, and bloodstone seemed to let me know that they would harmonize. I put them all together.
I wore this necklace at my daughter's wedding last year and my niece's wedding this year. A very favorite of mine. Along the way I learned a lot about double strands of gemstones.
 Lately, I have been using antique pieces I acquired when a local antique store went out of business. This sweet cross was the inspiration for this necklace.
Enamel leaves, aventurine, malachite, and green chalcedony with a sterling silver clasp....
 A nice piece of jasper started the creative juices flowing. I added a humming bird from Sterling Nye earrings. Jasper, fancy agates, and copper wire complete this necklace.
A friend gave me a very nice piece of fancy agate for Christmas. It will be part of the next necklace. Sometimes you just have to wait for the muse to dance.

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