Saturday, January 31, 2015

Butterfly Emerged While Snow Fell

January has been a very cold month for many of the days. Snow has fallen frequently, but not staying around for days at a time. Just this week, I noticed something on french doors, windows really looking out onto the mountains from the kitchen. There was a very small butterfly.
 As cold as it was, we decided to keep the doors closed. The small butterfly stayed near the windows all daylong. As the sun began to fade, the butterfly left the window. It is cold in January.
             We have not seen the butterfly since it emerged when the snow fell.
 The photos were taken by my husband with my Cannon Digital EFS camera. When I cropped the photos on Picassa, I was amazed to see the reflection of the butterfly on the glass door.

                                       I hope this little butterfly brings you joy on this January day. ~

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