Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Make Faery Jars

 With summer coming on and school being out, I wanted to share how to create faery jars and make your own jewelry. It all started with Eden, a sixth grader and my art student coming into the studio wearing a necklace with a small jar and a key charm. Before she left, she had made another necklace for herself and added a key charm.
I like glitter and this craft is based on glitter. As you can see the collage piece above not just another day is coated in white glitter.I have found that folks either like glitter or don't.
 What I used to create the faery jar jewelry: a Martha Stewart glitter tray and a very small funnel. The funnel is very important to getting the glitter into the jars. I found the funnel is a package of glitter at Walmart.
 I used Martha Stewart  superfine glitter which I found at Michaels and online. The second container is a container or small stars. Use what you have or what you like. I have even used food coloring to color sand..
 The large glass jar is a Darice Jewelry Designer glass bottle charm with a rubber lid which came from a local craft store no longer in business. The two small glass bottles with stoppers came from SkyBluePink. Most craft stores have tiny jars and some even have jars with tiny eye screws in them.
 I filled the glass jar using the funnel. If the glitter gets stuck, gently use a toothpick to glide it into the container. I used the small stars and the sugar plum glitter. For the earrings, I used gold jump rings to attach the gold ear wires to the bottles. For the necklace, I used a satin cord with a lobster clasp. If you do not have pierced ears, you could  turn the small faery jars into charms and put them on a bracelet. ~

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