Friday, September 11, 2015

Signs of Autumn: Weaving of Webs ~
 Early this September morning as the sun began to shine on the mountains, I noticed the abundance of spider webs with drops of rain and dew. The pencil stick cactus with a bit of an intricate web.
 The cypress and the upper deck had bits of web strung everywhere. Earlier in the week, I saw a very large garden spider with colors similar to the cypress.
 The asters are beginning to open. These beauties are over six feet tall. They spread easily creating a wonderful abundance of autumn blossoms.
                                                  One of many webs spun in the grass.
 Due to a injury from gardening early in the summer, I didn't do a lot of weeding around the woods. The golden rod is quite lovely this year and even they have a few strands of gossamer.

                                These two photos are from webs in the grass. As the sun has
                     climbed much higher into the sky, these webs seem to be lost in the grass.
A hint of autumn and lots more to come.

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