Friday, September 25, 2015

Fused Glass Art And Jewelry

 Been awhile since I have updated the blog with fused glass art and jewelry. We formed our own company, Appalachian Warm Glass LLC. The plaid plate is about seven inches square.
  A copper dragonfly on blue aventurine glass with a hematite bail would make a lovely pendant.
 My husband, Ray is the other glass artist in our family company. About 40 years ago, he started creating in stained glass. After retirement, he began creating in fused glass. All of his designs are originally created by him.
            New earrings for fall which are longer and use dichroic glass with sterling silver earwires.

 Ray has created four different Celtic crosses in fused glass. This is the most intricate of the four.

 I began creating these abstract pieces using a lot of scrap glass and a dichroic glass  for a focal point. The glass used is transparent and can be placed in a window so that the sun shines through. This piece is next to white paper.
 Copper birds on limbs that I have cut out of copper foil. This is the same bird on two different pieces                                                                        of glass. ~

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