Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to Make A Glitter Glass Ornament ~
 You will need glass ornaments. I had several boxes left from teaching art classes. I cleaned each ornament with a mixture of one tablespoon vinegar to one cup of warm water. I found this mixture works for every two ornaments. Swirl it around and then pour into the sink. Pour water into each glass ornament after using the vinegar mixture. I turned the ornaments upside down and let them dry overnight. This is a clean and dry ornament without the hanger  resting on a glitter tray.
 I have been cleaning out art supplies lately and found this Glitter It with a date of 2011 from Hobby Lobby. You can also use future floor cleaner. Pour enough into the glass ornament to coat the entire surface and swirl. Swirl is very important.
 I used my glitter funnel which is in this photo positioning it into the glass ball with the glitter-it in the ball. Gotta do this pretty quickly.
 Add the glitter, about a teaspoon. I simply poured Martha Stewart  garnet glitter into the glass ball.
                                 A photo of the red glitter glass ornament after it has been swirled.
                                                            A turquoise blue ornament
 If one kind of glitter glistens, why not use three of the same color? This ornament uses green, limeade, and a mystery Martha Stewart green glitter.
         Copper is a color I like and enjoy in art journaling.  This maybe my favorite!

Florentine gold really sparkles! Over the years, I have found that people either like glitter or they don't. Martha Stewart glitter is a super fine very nice glitter. Any glitter will work in the glass ornaments. After you swirl the glitter around, empty out the ornament. Put the hanger back on the ornament and enjoy!

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