Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of the Year & A Give A Way ~
 This early winter weather has brought many surprises into the yard. This seedling which can grow as tall as six feet with a beautiful flower is growing amid the stones near the front of the house. If you know the name of this flower which also gives lots of seeds to the birds, just reply to this post or if you are reading this on facebook, make a comment. I will be giving away either a glass plate or a pair of earrings.
 The greenhouse although small is home to several geraniums. These I picked right before Christmas along with the lemon balm. The red flowers continue to bloom when there is little red color outside.
 Planted several years ago, these  snowdrops are blooming. The new double snowdrops are up and their leaves are showing. No blooms yet!
 While the sun shone through the studio windows the prisms danced with rainbows. A faery charm from Green Girl studios dangles from a gemstone necklace. This is my favorite necklace I made during 2015.
From turquoise and chrysolla the charms dangles with a faery on the front and a star quote on the reverse.

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