Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Flowers ~
 April brings lots of new flowers to our mountain gardens. The bleeding heart is in the faery garden next to the woods. It is home to a few faery garden statues.
 The poet's daffodil is a very old flower. I brought a few from the Episcopal rectory which was built in the early 1900's before 1916. It is quite fragrant.
 Threat of frost this evening which always seems to happen when the lilac begin to bloom.
                                     We planted five of these in the woods. Three are blooming.
                 Wild jasmine, a native plant,  grows with the tulip poplars in a wooded garden area.
 When the Asheville Botanical Center had a plant sale, I purchased this yellow wood poppy several years ago. The deer and bunnies nibbled it to the stem last spring. Even the hostas are okay. I am using grated Irish Spring soap again this year and garlic powder.
 These daffodils are just some of the bulbs I ordered in the fall from a company that specializes in bulbs from Holland. The bulbs were very large and often had three or bulblets attached to the mother bulb. The success rate was amazing. As soon as I find the catalog, I will share the information with you.

      Yellow primroses purchased from the Southwest Virginia Museum's annual plant sale.
     Some of the first flowers planted here and hiding in the daffodils near an old stump.
          These tiny flowers are some of the sweetest smelling in the front gardens.Iris will be blooming                soon. The critters ate the few tulip bulbs. Saw a lily poking its head up near the greenhouse.

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