Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Flowers in the Garden ~com
Been awhile since I have done any blog posts...The summer garden is filled with colors. The glads are continuing to bloom in radiant colors this summer.
                                          Don't you like this sweet little red yarrow flower?
                              This perrenial is quite tall and seems to blow in the wind.
A few of the many daylilies in the garden and this one came from the farmer's market.
Quite a few lilies came from the gardens of the Southwest Virginia Museum plant sale.
White lavender just waiting to be harvested. Lavender seems to thrive in rock filled soil here.
              St. John's Wort is flowering and cascades about five feet down a garden slope.
I believe this is a hummingbird moth. Took the photo pretty quickly to capture the moth.
      One of the many hydrangeas blooming in the yard. It is a very large blue blossom~!
                               I call this the hummingbird vine. It must be a cousin to kudzu.
View from a small portion of the garden off the deck in the back yard. The sunflower is a volunteer from the bird feeders above.
                                      The deep rich colors of summer really brighten up the gardens.

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  1. They are all lovely...<3 the yarrow plant.