Monday, August 8, 2016

Art in the Garden ~

 Phoenix rising is our latest piece of art for the garden. Ray created this fused glass sculpture as a cover for the septic tank. We unexpectedly had a new garden area created when we had our septic  tank pumped . We now have lots of plants, a bird bath, and a sculpture where a backhoe gouged out the yard. I have been bordering it with stones from the yard.
 Last year I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show with Fran Moore. We do have a good time together. While there, I purchased this daffodil sculpture. There are nice copper petals which are covered by the black eyed susans and the Japanese anemone leaves.
        A Margret Gregg sculpture is the focal point of the small garden in front of the studio.
                                                       Aren't these painted ferns  nature's art ?
The gardens are filled with butterflies, hummingbird moths, bees, wasps, hummingbirds, and adolescent birds. The front of the house is bordered with butterfly bushes. On Saturday, a hummingbird moth flew across my face. On Sunday, a praying mantis landed in my hair and did not want to leave. This all comes about from trimming butterfly bushes. Wonder what today will bring?

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