Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow on our Mountain ~


My son texted me earlier today to ask if we had gotten snow. Once the temperature got a bit warmer than 12 degrees, I laced up my snow boots.

                                   I enjoyed the shadows from the trees falling into the snow.

    We have a nice collection of garden art. This little girl is about the size of a two year old. She                      usually greets me as I walk into the greenhouse.

                               My favorite stone which sits in the forest nestled among the ferns.

                                       A little bit of green coming up through the snow.

            Ray's sunburst design rising above the mountains nestled in front of the evergreens.

  A sculpture created for us by Margaret Gregg to represent each member of our family. It moves.

                                                               Snow on the branches

As I walked to the bottom of our property, I was fascinated with all the animal foot prints.

                                                           The phoenix rising above the snow.

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