Friday, January 13, 2017

Flowers in January ~

                                 Flowers in January

For the past two years I have ordered bulbs from Van Engelen Inc. They are imported from Holland and the bulbs are huge! This year I ordered 250. I finished planting them today, January 13. This is not unusual for me to plant as late as January 13. It has been later and they bloom. These are double narcissus in a variety of colors. They are sleeping under the plant smiles. While planting I was looking under leaves and found all sorts of plants coming up. The wild ginger looked great. The more I looked, the more I found.

                                             Snowdrops are blooming in the back of the house.

Last year I planted 100 snowdrops in the front of the house and here is one beginning to unfurl.

While walking near the studio, I encountered a honeybee. Not too far away was a pot of  violas, little johnny-jump-ups blooming. They have been here since October. A nice way to enter the house with flowers blooming in January.

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